Bear Country


Exciting snowmobile expedition into legendary Bjarmaland – a mysterious historical “Bear Country” in modern-day Karelia and Kola Peninsula mentioned and described in ancient Scandinavian sagas. The tour starts in the capital of Finnish Lapland – Rovaniemi, where we will dedicate one day to Santa Claus Village, bringing to life our Christmas fairy tales from childhood.

Then we will cross Finnish – Russian border in Salla and find ourselves in the untouched lands of Northern taiga. Hundreds of miles of snow-white silence and lots of impressions await you! We guarantee seas of snow and plenty of photos, not to mention the feeling of total freedom and immense sensation from riding our top of the line, powerful BRP Lynx snowmobiles. For this tour we provide the best touring snowmobiles: Lynx 59 Ranger 600 ACE 2021-2022.

7 days
(5 days of snowmobiling).
Route length
550 km
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In this tour you will:

about-list-item Visit Rovaniemi – the capital of Finnish Lapland. Experience Christmas fairy tale in Santa Claus village and visit Santa’s House of Snowmobiles;

about-list-item Cross Finland-Russian border;

about-list-item Experience the power and speed of BRP Lynx snowmobiles;

about-list-item Ride along the old Soviet-Finish border of 1920-1940;

about-list-item See 18m high Yaniskengas waterfall and visit nature reserve Kutsa – the largest in Russian North-West;

about-list-item Visit national park Paanajärvi – the jewel of Northern Karelia;

about-list-item Race across one of the deepest lakes in Scandinavia to Ruskeakallio crag (aka. Brown Rock);

about-list-item Visit an old Karelian village of Vartiolampi and Finish farm Arola to get to know the traditions and mode of life of northern people;

about-list-item Climb up the highest point in Karelia – hill Nuorunen. Standing at 576 m it offers stunning views on Karelian forests, lakes and mounts;

about-list-item After the day of riding, warm up in a cozy sauna with pool in the best lodge in Northern Karelia;

about-list-item Cross the Polar circle twice on a snowmobile!

about-list-item See beautiful natural snow figures – a natural phenomenon unique to Lapland

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Day 1
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Arrival to Rovanimi in 19.00 and transfer to the hotel. Tasty dinner at a restaurant and sauna on demand.

Today we will visit the jewel of Lapland – world-famous Santa Claus Village. The village is built right on the arctic circle and is an official residence of Santa Claus. His elves are here as well, creating masterpieces in ice galleries and working hard in Christmas workshops. There is no other place on Earth there the Christmas spirit is felt stronger! it is filled with a supernatural sense of wonder and kindness that will make you fall in love with this place and let you bring to life the Christmas fairy tales from childhood! After sending letters to our loved ones from Santa’s busy post office we will have lunch in a restaurant. From here you will have an option of either continuing exploring Santa Claus Park and watching the elf show, or going for a reindeer ride. Rovaniemi is not just a residence of Santa Claus though, it is also the birthplace of many famous snowmobile brands. Nowadays the city is home to Lynx factory – the biggest snowmobile manufacturing in the world that, in fact, produced the very snowmobiles you’ll be riding next day! We will visit Santa’s Museum of snowmobiles and see the huge technological evolution of these machines from the first prototypes made 60 years ago to the state-of-the-art concepts. After a long day filled with emotions, we will have dinner and transfer back to the hotel in Rovaniemi.

On the third day we will finally meet our snowmobiles and start our adventure! After tasty breakfast we leave Rovaniemi in the morning and transfer to the border between Finland and Russia and from there to a little village of Kairali. All together the bus transfer will take just 3 hours. In Kairali you’ll be met with lunch and our professional guides who will properly welcome you to Russia! Following safety briefing, driving tips, and equipping protective and cold weather gear, we ride along the route Kairali – Vuorijärvi – Kutsajoki river – Yaniskengas waterfall – Vuorijärvi. In the first day we will cover 80 km on a well-conditioned snowmobile track. Midway through the route we will make a break to go snowshoeing to the waterfall and have tasty lunch. On the first night we’ll stay in comfortable pinewood cottages for four people each. Here we will be met by dinner in a spacious dinning room. Sauna and swimming in ice hole is available on demand but highly recommended.

After breakfast, we drive south through national reserve Kutsa. With luck, we might meet moose along the way. Then, we will cross Polar circle and continue our route through the borderless taiga. We will stop to fish at a forest lake and have lunch by a campfire. Our day finishes at Niska lodge in Karelian village of Zasheek by the picturesque lake Pyaozero. Here we will stay for the next two nights in twin en-suite rooms. Dinner will be served in lodge’s restaurant.


The third day will be the richest with impressions. A tour to National park Paanayarvi awaits us. We will visit museums, old authentic Karelian village Vartiolampi and Finnish farm Arola. Before continuing the ride, we will feast our eyes on a stunning non-freezing Kivakakkakoski rift. Next, we will race across Paanayarvi lake – one of the deepest in Scandinavia to Ruskeakallio crag. Then, we will climb up the highest point in Karelia – hill Nuorunen. Standing at 576 m it offers stunning views on Karelian forests, lakes and mounts covered in sun-reflecting layers of snow. We will have plenty of time to make photos with siedi – Sami cultural items believed to watch over the souls of Sami witchers. The day will finish with a dinner in a restaurant and a well-deserved sauna with pool.


After breakfast, we will say goodbye to Niska lodge and continue our tour. The majority of the sixth day route will go through the lakes Kundozero, Kukas, Notozero, Kichany and Kovdozero asleep under thick layers of ice. We will make a lunch break at a beautiful place with a view on a non-freezing rift. To finish the day we will have dinner and stay the night in a comfortable hotel in Kovdozero.


During the last day of the expedition, we will ride across a picturesque route through the summits of Karelian hills. We will have lunch in lodge Oriyarvi and from there will return to our original starting point – Kairali. Here we will prepare for a journey home in a disbelief that the last 7 days passed so fast. Then, we will say goodbye to our guides and transfer to Rovaniemi airport.

Наша техника
Lynx 59 Ranger 600 ACE 2021-2022
Как добраться
Из Москвы
2 часа
32 часа
Из Санкт-Петербурга
1,5 часа
23 часа
По запросу мы встретим вас на ж/д вокзале
г. Кандалакша или в аэропорту
г. Апатиты или г. Мурманск
Важно знать
Проживание во время путешествия
В первую ночь вы остановитесь на базе отдыха "Кутса"«Кутса» в поселке Вуориярви. База расположена прямо на берегу озера Вуориярви и представляет собой уютные деревенские домики. На территории есть настоящая русская баня с выходом к озерной купели, уютная столовая, чум, три домика из сухостойной сосны с печным отоплением. Вторую ночь вы проведете на карельской базе отдыха «Ниска». На территории базы расположено 6 коттеджей, ресторан, финская баня с бассейном, бильярд. В каждом номере отдельный с/у с душем, работает центральное отопление. Все домики расположены вдоль береговой линии с видом на Пяозеро. На третюю ночь вы заночуете на базе "Иова".
Кто будет сопровождать вас в путешествии
На всем протяжении тура с вами будут опытные гиды-инструкторы.
Как будут кормить
В стоимость программы включено трехразовое питание, за исключением завтрака в первый день и ужина в день отъезда. Во время тура вы попробуете различные местные деликатесы.
Могут ли участвовать дети
Дети старше 14 лет могут участвовать в туре в качестве пассажиров, с 18 лет можно управлять багги самостоятельно.
Какая техника используется на маршруте
Вы будете управлять современным снегоходом Lynx Commander 900 ACE или Lynx Xtrim 600 ACE или Lynx Ranger 600 ACE. Также вам предоставят необходимую экипировку: шлем, комбинезон, сапоги, перчатки, кофры для упаковки багажа.